Fire Meet Gasoline

The Foundation:

We are sisters, born 3 years apart into a home that would be broken. Our father left when we were small, leaving a fearful mother and a saving-grace grandmother to pick up the pieces. We became “The Girls.”

Jennifer was the protector and Jackie survived reality by using imagination as a means to get away. Substance abuse, with both parents, would create a life of extremities. Life was either amazing or awful. There was little time spent in the “middle ground.” Seeking perfection was the way of life. Pretending to be ok was mandatory. What would people think if they knew the truth?

The Separation:

Two sisters, sharing an upbringing full of inconsistency and difficulty, would soon separate from each other in attempt to rebel against the impossible expectations they tried to live up to.

Jennifer became the rule follower. It was easier to be safe than sorry. She sought comfort in food and found guilt in taking care of herself over others.

Jackie would transfer her need to escape into alcohol as a sure-fire way to to dodge “real life.” She dove deep into an eating disorder that served as a false sense of control in a life so unmanageable.

Their worlds would not tolerate each other, and a wall was built.

The Comeback:

After years spent apart, both sisters found themselves unwilling to stay the way they were.

Jackie made the decision to get sober, get well and get back to building a life that defied the odds of the life she had lived.

Jennifer decided that serving loved ones was done in half-measure unless she loved and honored herself. She took a leap, lost the weight and shifted her “safe” career into one that would harbor nay sayers, non-believers and joy killers. Still, she pushed on.

The Connection:

When the footwork took place, the fears were replaced.

With absolute confidence the sisters reunited over an undeniable calling to change lives and share wellness with others who are seeking a better way. The fire in Jenn’s heart was met with Jackie’s ignition-like determination. Both were set on contributing to a “well world” one person at a time.

The Continuum:

There is no turning back. The choice has been made. We will walk hand in hand, chasing God’s plan for us to:

Love Self

Lift Others

Spread Wellness